Short Sarong Beach Cover Up Beach Skirt-Black-Multi Color Print


One Size Fits All Beach wrap This is a Short Sarong is beautiful Black w/ Multi Color Printed.  Very classy cover up for walking around the pool or cruise ship for an elegant lunch. Beach please beach wraps are hand crafted from the highest, durable, 4 way stretch spandex Lycra material. You will love the way these wraps look on you. These cover ups will be your favorite vacation garment that you will wear everyday of your next getaway.

Perfectly cut for easy tying without the bulky knot.

This is a one size fits all Short Adjustable Skirt 17″ (Hip to Thigh) and 63″ to Wrap and Tie


Sarongs cover the bikini area, which allows women to feel more comfortable and confident walking around public places in a swimsuit. Beach,Please! Sarongs cover up the right areas. Because you want to feel comfortable at the pool, restaurant, and bar or just shopping at a resort boutique maybe sneak out for a quick run into the casino.

Beach, Please! Sarongs are luxury bathing suit cover up and they are made of high quality handpicked materials. These sarongs are softest most comfortable garment that you own. Beach, Please! Bathing Suit cover ups are designed to last for many years to come. You can swim with them, wear as a head wrap, scarf or blouse. Enjoy the softness, feel the comfort any way you decided to wear them.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 17 × 63 in


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