The Beach,Please! Story

Beach, Please is located in NYC. Feel confident with to buy and try on if it does not fit Beach,Please has  Full Refund Policy 

Our master designer and partner, Paula Palomba, is truly a fashionista, her natural ability to select outstanding fabrics from all over the world, is a natural gift.

Paula designed the patented cut of these sarongs so that they are easy to tie without the bulky knot, naturally sitting perfect around your waist, each and every time.  Most of the fabrics are 4 way stretch, made of Spandex and Lycra,  so you can easily slide them on and off with out untying, they are also very durable and long lasting

These sarongs have many different applications from wearing them as a blouse to a scarf in the winter, or a head wrap. This trending fashion is only the beginning stay tuned for more brilliant ideas from Paula Fashionista in days to come!!

The word Sarong, meaning sheath, a large tube or length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist, Sarong or Pareo originated in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. The fabric often has woven plaid or checkered patterns, or may be brightly colored floral patterns. Many modern sarongs have printed designs, often depicting animals or plants.

sarong beacj skirt

Starting in the 1950’s -1970’s women were concerned about showing there legs and ass at the beach or pool so the bikini skirt was invented, similar to today’s version of a skort, which is simply a boy short sewn to a skirt, this was the early version of the Sarong or Beach wrap. Women could comfortably bath, tan and walk around, without showing their money maker to all peering beach goers.

But now we have evolved and girls are more daring than ever, wearing bikinis that reveal more than ever, so, Beach, Please!, has reinvented the bikini skirt, introducing the sexy, cautiously revealing and easy to tie durable beach wrap, which replaces the skort bikini bottom of the 1950’s. Ladies can now wear those revealing string bikinis and thongs, and decide when and wear to show their bottoms and when to cover up.

Online stores currently sell less expensive versions, however the cut of the fabric does not allow the fitted, tapered look of a Beach, Please! Sarong, or the easy tie which eliminates the bulky knot as well as the excess material that is often the case with other Sarongs or Pareos.

Beach Sarongs or Bikini cover ups by Beach, Please! have a patented cut that is easy to tie without the bulky knot or excess material, each Sarong is hand crafted using luxury fabric from all over the world. The patterns are stunning and will compliment any style swimwear on the market today.